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noma Copenhagen Denmark
The best Michelin restaurant in the world

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Restaurant noma

noma Copenhagen Denmark
The best Michelin restaurant in the world

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SEABOURN Adventure and luxury

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Visit Billund

Legoland Billund DenmarkBe among the first to enjoy the world’s best mini holiday at the new LEGOLAND Billund Resort – a paradise for children and their parents. Experience the best from LEGO, LEGOLAND and Lalandia, including pirates, cowboys and Vikings, and have the time of your life trying out the more than 50 rides and attractions. Or how about some water fun at the Lalandia Aquadome? It’s a tropical El Dorado for the whole family.LEGOLAND Billund Resort i Billund, Vejle, Vejen og Kolding Kommuner

Stay in the heart of LEGOLAND
When you stay at Hotel LEGOLAND and buy a Resort Pass, you have unlimited admission to LEGO LAND, Lalandia Aquadome, and Monky Tonky Land during your entire visit! At Hotel LEGO LAND you will find fantastic, brand new Adventure rooms waiting for you, with lots of fun and surprises. Book your stay here.

Smiling DenmarkWe look forward to seeing you in our world full of Lego play!


Denmark has an abundance of picturesque villages and towns, historic castles and monuments, and a coastline which varies delightfully from broad sandy beaches to small coves and gentle fjords. Throughout the country, rolling hills and gentle valleys provide a constant succession of attractive views; there are cool and shady forests of beech trees, extensive areas of heathland, a beautiful lake district, sand dunes and white cliffs resembling those of Dover; nor should one forget the Danish islands, each of which has its own unique attractions. Though there are few holiday resorts of the kind found in, say, France or Spain (the nearest equivalent being the ‘Holiday Center’ (HC), a purpose-built coastal resort), the Danes, who are taking strong measures to keep their coastline clean and tidy, are keen for visitors to sample the many unspoilt beaches.
There are now various Sommerlands in locations all over Denmark; these are activity parks where a flat entrance fee covers the visitor for use of all the many and varied facilities inside

North Sealand (Nordsjælland) Castle Tour by Bus from Copenhagen Denmark

As we leave Copenhagen and head north, for almost a whole hour, the coastline of Sweden follows us. We drive through the magnificent Danish countryside and pass the coastline to Elsinore (Helsingør) and Kronborg Castle.

It is quite easy to understand why William Shakespeare chose Elsinore Castle as the setting for his famous play Hamlet. Enjoy the beautiful surroundings and feel the atmosphere taken through the Chapel and the Knights Hall (the longest room in Northern Europe) and the dark casemates. Lunch en route (not included in the tour price).

After the break, our tour continues to Fredensborg. The Queen s summer residence of Fredensborg Palace is attractively located in the middle of a lovely park, bordering the idyllic Esrom Lake. The next of many highlights is Frederiksborg Castle, built by King Christian IV. This pearl of history, built in magnificent Renaissance style, is now a national historical museum. It contains paintings, tapestries, porcelain, silver and furniture of great historical value.

This tour is the classic amongst all the excursions while visiting Denmark.

The largest urban center in Scandinavia, Copenhagen is a city of copper roofs and spires, founded in 1167. It has many old buildings, fountains, statues and squares, as well as the singular attraction of the Little Mermaid at the harbor entrance. The Copenhagen Card gives unlimited travel on buses and trains and free entry to a large number of museums and places of interest.
A number of organized tours are available, taking in most of the famous sights. These include the Vikingland tour to the Viking Ship Museum; a Royal tour to the Christianborg Palace (the seat of Parliament), Rosenborg Castle and Amalienborg Palace; a coach tour to old-world Bondebyen and its open-air museum; and even a brewery tour, which takes in the famous Carlsberg brewery, including an exhibition on the history of brewing and on this particular brewery. Tivoli, Copenhagen’s world-famous amusement park, is open from late April to mid-September. Bakken (in the deer park north of Copenhagen) and the Charlottenlund Aquarium are both worth a visit.

This area comprises the greater part of Denmark, extending 400km (250 miles) from the German border to its northernmost tip. Jutland’s west coast has superb sandy beaches but bathing there is, however, often unsafe, due to the changing winds and tides. Care should be exercised, and any advice or notices issued by local authorities should be heeded. Also in Jutland is the major port of Esbjerg, which receives daily ferries from the UK. Main towns and resorts include Aalborg, Århus, Esbjerg, Frederikshavn, Holstebro, Kolding, Randers, Silkeborg, Vejle and Viborg.

Aalborg contains the largest Viking burial ground, as well as a cathedral, monastery and castle. The largest Renaissance buildings in Denmark are in Aalborg. Århus has a collection of more than 60 17th- and 18th-century buildings – houses, shops, workshops and so on – from all over the country, re-erected on a spacious landscaped site; as well as Marselisborg Castle and a museum of prehistory. Esbjerg and Fanø are also historically interesting and have a number of fine beaches. Rosenholm, Clausholm and Vœrgard castles are all worth a visit, while Legoland (Billund), which is open from March to October, provides good entertainment for children.

Fyn (Funen)
Known as the ‘Garden of Denmark’, Fyn (Funen) has some of Denmark’s most picturesque and historic castles and manor houses, set in age-old parks and gardens. Odense is famous as the birthplace of the great fairytale writer Hans Christian Andersen (1805-1875). Fyn (Funen) is connected to Jutland by bridges. Main towns and resorts include Odense, Nyborg, Svendborg, Middelfart and Bogense.

Castles and churches are the main attraction in Fyn (Funen). Egeskov Castle is a superb moated Renaissance castle, which is fairytale in every detail. Other castles in the area include Nyborg Castle (seat of the former National Assembly) and Valdemar, which houses a naval museum. There are also a number of beautiful beaches, particularly on the southern islands of Langeland, Tåsinge and Ærø. Odense has a festival every July and August celebrating the life and works of Hans Christian Andersen. Visitors can see the Hans Christian Andersen Museum and his childhood home. Other museums include a major railway museum and Fyn Village, a major cultural center. Also in Odense is the Brandts Klaedefabrik, a major cultural center. Fyn s newest attraction, Naturama, opened in 2005, incorporating three levels of multimedia natural history displays.

Lolland, Falster, Møn & Bornholm
Lolland is generally flat, Falster less so, while Møn is a haven of small hills and valleys, with the Møn Klint chalk cliffs a breathtaking sight. Bornholm is set apart from the rest, 150km (90 miles) east of the Danish mainland, and is made up of fertile farmland, white beaches and rocky coastlines. It is criss-crossed with more then 200km of bicycle routes. Other towns worth visiting include Nakskov, Nykobing, Nysted, Rønne, Sakskøbing and Stege.

Knuthenborg Park on Lolland is Denmark’s largest, with 500 species of trees, flowers and plants; it also contains a safari park. Corselitse and the Pederstrup Museum are also worth a visit. Bornholm contains Hammershus, Denmark’s largest castle ruin (built in 1260), as well as many fine churches. The small town of Svaneke was awarded the European Gold Medal in Architectural Heritage Year (1975).Zealand (Sjælland)
Denmark’s capital, Copenhagen, is on Zealand (Sjælland) and thus there is much commercial activity on the island. But there are also fine beaches, lakes, forests and royal palaces. Other towns worth visiting include Slagelse, Nastved and Frederikssund.

Excursions & sightseeing
The old fortress of Kronborg, famed not only as the most imposing edifice in Scandinavia, but also as the setting for Shakespeare’s Hamlet, can be found at Helsingør (Elsinore). Frederiksborg Castle, equally as impressive, is to be seen at Hillerød, which houses the National History Museum. The 12th-century cathedral at Roskilde and the Viking Museum are both worth a visit while, at Skjoldenasholm, there is a fine Tram Museum. Excellent beaches can be found in Sjælland, particularly in the north of the island.

Region Hovedstaden

The green countryside

Nordsjælland Visit North Zealand (Danish Nordsjælland) which is full of wonderful things for you to experience. We do our best to look after the natural environment and Nordsjælland can therefore offer some great places in which to walk, run, cycle, etc., in a beautiful, unspoilt area.

NordsjællandThe Danish Forest and Nature Agency and its talented employees ensure people have access to nature all year round. Perhaps your most rewarding holiday experience awaits you in the green countryside - Nordsjælland, and it`s all free.

Where to go and what to see in Denmark

Visit Denmark and Explore Smiling Denmark - the happiest nation on earth and home to the famous Danish poet Hans Christian Andersen.Noma2

Visit Denmark and the Smiling DanesHans Christian Andersen, The Little Mermaid Copenhagen Denmark - Den lille havfrue KøbenhavnThe Danes are, overwhelmingly, a happy bunch. In fact, if you believe those contentment surveys that come out every couple of years, Denmark is one of the happiest nations on earth with some of the best quality of life. Along winding cobbled streets Danes shop and dine at some of the most exciting places in Europe. Copenhagen´s restaurants have more Michelin stars than any other Scandinavian city, and Denmark as a whole would doubtless have more still if the inspectors from Michelin ever troubled themselves to leave the capital and head for Aalborg or Aarhus & around. Even standards in a workaday Danish cafe are generally very high. Visit Smiling Denmark

You don´t need statistics to understand the Dane´s happy lot, though. Stroll around Copenhagen or pretty much visit any Danish town and you´ll experience some of the most harmonious civic spaces anywhere.I Love Denmark The capital´s intimate scale and faultless transport systems combine with the ornate history and bold modern lines of the built environment to delight the eye, while the locals´ courtesy and sense of smiling humour is refreshing.


It´s hard, in short, to find fault with the place. The visitor´s most heartfelt grumble is usually the cost of visiting Denmark. True, it is not a cheap destination, but no more so than the UK, and which nation´s public transport system would you rather use?

Cheer yourself up by thinking of the country´s peerless organisation and clockwork railway timetable as being subsidised by the extremely high taxes paid by your hosts. When viewed in this way, this first-rate destination seems like good value, and you get the fairy tales thrown in for free: the Danish royal family is genuinely loved and respected by the vast majority of its citizens, not least handsome Prince Frederik, his beautiful Australian-born princess-bride, Mary, and their young family.

Visit Denmark s five Regions

Nyborg Central Denmark Skagen Northern Denmark IceBear Greenland Smiling
Central Denmark
Northern Denmark
Aalborg Skagen
Nyhavn Copenhagen Capital Region of Denmark Region Zealand Denmark Legoland Billund Southern Denmark
Capital region

Region Sealand
Naestved Region Sealand PDF Region Map
Southern Denmark
Regions Largest city Population Area    density Tourist Attractions
Capital Region Copenhagen 1,645,825 2,561 642.6 Tivoli garden CopenhagenElsinore, Kronborg CastleFrederiksborg Castle, Fredensborg Castle, Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Karen Blixen museum and Bornholm
Central Denmark  Aahus / Ã…rhus 1,237,041 13,142 94.2 Ringkjøbing, nearly all of Ã…rhus, the southern part of Viborg and the northern part of  Vejle
Northern Denmark  Aalborg 578,839 7,927 73.2 North Jutland, Frederikshavn the northern part of Viborg County and a small part of Ã…rhus County
Region Zealand Roskilde 819,427 7,273 112.7 Roskilde, Storstrøm, and West Zealand
Southern Denmark Odense 1,194,659 12,191 97.99 Funen, Ribe, South Jutland and the southern half of Vejle County
Entire country 5,475,791 43,094 127.0

Beyond the capital and the bigger cities, Denmark offers a mix of lively towns such as Ribe and Odense plus rural countryside, medieval H. C. Andersen Home Odense Denmarkchurches, Renaissance castles and tidy 18th-century villages. Neolithic dolmen, preserved 2000-year-old ‘bog people´, and impressive Viking ruins are just some of the remnants of the nation´s long and fascinating history.

The right image shows the famous Danish poet Hans Christian Andersen's childhood home in Odense

Denmark continues to stamp its effortlessly cool style on the world with its furniture, fashion, architecture and graphic design, as it has done for the last half-century or so. This obsession with good design, detail and fine craftsmanship is evident even in something as mundane as a Copenhagen metro or train ride.

Centuries on from the Viking era, Denmark remains very much a maritime nation, bordered by the Baltic and the North Sea. No place in the country is more than an hour´s drive from its lovely seashore, much of which is lined with splendid white-sand beaches.


Denmark´s hydrocarbon-rich economy is booming it has the highest per capita GDP in the European Union (EU) literacy is 100% unemployment is low and its social-welfare programmes are the envy of continents. Education is free, and about half of all Danish students who graduate from secondary school continue on to higher education.

Visit Capital region

If you love castles    Get PDF tour mapElsinore tour Map PDF
If you love castles, Denmark has almost as many fairy tale castles as it does fairy tales! Visit the picturesque region of  North Zealand just outside Copenhagen where you will find Elsinore and Kronborg Castle made famous as the setting of Shakepspeare s Hamlet as well as the Kronbor Castle Elsinore Denmarkmagnificent Fredensborg Palace and Frederiksborg Castle.

Leave Copenhagen behind as you head north through magnificent Danish countryside and coastline towards Elsinore and Kronborg Castle. Chosen as the setting for Shakespeare s Hamlet, this magnificent renaissance castle is on the UNESCO world heritage list.

Visit Fredensborg, where the Queen s summer residence of Fredensborg Palace is attractively located in the middle of a lovely park, bordering the idyllic Esrum Lake.

The next highlight, visit Hilleroed - on your tour is Frederiksborg Castle, built by King Christian IV in 1601 - 1625. This pearl of history, built in magnificent Renaissance style with a touch of baroque, is now a national historical museum, containing treasures of painting, tapestry, porcelain, silver and furniture.

Art and culture:  Louisiana Denmark is world famous for its innovative design and art. Louisiana, by the waterfront, north of Copenhagen, is famous for its exhibitions and collections of contemporary art. South of Copenhagen on Køge Bay, there is the multi-museum Arken and at the Danish Design Centre you will find a mixture of ceramic, lamps, furnitures and architecture. Ordrupsgaard vites to enjoy both art of French Impressionsists and art of modern architectureArken

Arken Museum for Moderne Kunst
The Museum of Modern Art, Arken, Copenhagen / Ishøj, seems like a stranded ship which has been thrown out on the beach by a giant hand. The young Danish architect, Søren Robert Lund, has designed the building the architecture is dramatic, with odd angles, sudden staircases and large windows looking out on the beach.

museum poet Hans Christian Andersen Odense DenmarkVisit Odense, the Hans Christian Andersen museum in the old city precinct and learn all about the fantastic life of  Hans Christian Andersen. The exhibitions give an indepth impression of  Hans Christian Andersen as a person as well as the world he lived in from 1805 to 1875.

Hans Christian Andersen Museum Odense Admire a large selection of the writer's papercuts and drawings as well as a comprehensive book collection from the whole world.

Or the new Hans Christian Andersen Museum Copenhagen



Copenhagen restaurant Noma has been named the best restaurant in the world. It s The S. Pellegrino World s 50 Best Noma Michelin RestaurantRestaurants behind the crowning of restaurant Noma in the past year has been very successful to specialize in Nordic cuisine.

Our intention at noma is to create and to prepare a distinctly advanced kind of cuisine, while nonetheless conjoining our patently Nordic approach with a manner of purity and simplicity in the approach. We are also busy infusing our new Nordic cuisine with a markedly curative potential. These values are all reflected in our menus´ ultimate articulation and manifest themselves both in the construction and presentation of the individual courses and in the means of preparation and ingredients upon which they are based. Book your table

Copenhagen is still Scandinavia s gastronomic capital. The Michelin Guide in 2010 have 12 Copenhagen restaurants  together 13 Michelin stars. Restaurant AOC is new to the list.

Nordic food best international
The past decade, the Nordic kitchen experienced a comeback of the very big thanks to Copenhagen s top restaurants.

With a focus on pure Danish and Nordic ingredients and innovative cuisine has been the city s restaurateurs international gourmet writers and critics to turn the spotlight towards Copenhagen. Book your table at noma

One of the restaurateurs are René Redzepi, whose restaurant Noma has retained its two stars in the Michelin Guide 2010th

Visit Region Sealand / Zealand

Visit Knuthenborg Safari Park - Northern Europe s largest wildlife park, animal park - you can drive by car around among the animals and thus get Knuttenborgclose to giraffes, rhinos, monkeys, ostriches and antelopes.Lolland Beach Denmark

Lolland and Falster are known for their long coastline, which is 600 km and offers many delightful and especially child-friendly beaches. On the east coast of Falster in towns Elkenøre, Sille troupe, Marielyst and Bøtø there is a 25km long sandy beach where there is room for everyone.

Roskilde Domkirke, Visit Denmark's most important church, both in the architectural context and the historical monuments that reflect the history of Denmark from theRoskilde Chatedral Denmark Middle Ages to today. Roskilde Domkirke Church exterior is marked by the many outbuildings, which over time has transformed the north and south original form, use of red brick, like the church has created a certain context. The interior presents itself as a highly cultured room, vaulted from the beginning and basically unchanged. As the burial church for the Danish royal family holds the burials including Margaret first and Christian 1 and all Danish kings and queens in the chapel are frescoes from various periods, the oldest is from ca. 1250, the church came in 1995 at the UNESCO World Heritage Convention. That same year opened a cathedral museum in the Great Hall of the Twelfth Chapel.

Visit Southern Denmark

Visit BillundLegoland Billund Denmark

Be among the first to enjoy the world´s best mini holiday at the new LEGOLAND Billund Resort – a paradise for children and their parents. Experience the best from LEGO, LEGOLAND and Lalandia, including pirates, cowboys and Vikings, and have the time of your life trying out the more than 50 rides and attractions. Or how about some water fun at the Lalandia Aquadome? It´s a tropical El Dorado for the whole family.

Stay in the heart of LEGOLANDVisit Denmark the happiest nation on earth
When you stay at Hotel LEGOLAND and buy a Resort Pass, you have unlimited admission to LEGO LAND, Lalandia Aquadome, and Monky Tonky Land during your entire visit! At Hotel LEGO LAND you will find fantastic, brand new Adventure rooms waiting for you, with lots of fun and surprises.  Book your stay here.

We look forward to seeing you in our world full of Lego play!


Visit Central Denmark

Visit Aarhus Smiling AarhusAs a demanding tourist that you are, for sure you wish to know what Aarhus tourist attractions has to offer. Aarhus Coast line DenmarkThere are many things that you can see and do. First, you should definitely visit one of the important Aarhus tourist attractions, Modelbane Europa, which presents many train railways, passing through high mountains, dark tunnels, great bridges and deep valleys. Eleven tracks keep everything going and the traffic works impeccable. If you thought that this is for real, then you should think again. All this is a miniature and children are allowed to drive those trains. I just mentioned it, as families with children should visit that place, as the children are going to be amazed.

Aarhus, Denmark. It is a great location, with a wonderful climate, with no extremes such as very high or very low temperatures. The summer months bring average temperatures of twenty degrees and the winter brings temperatures around one degree, which means that the climate is more similar with central European countries, than to Scandinavian cities. If you like sunny days, then you should visit Aarhus on summer, since May until August, or September.

Visit Northern Denmark
Skagen, with its rich art, fresh seafood, photogenic neighbourhoods and classic characters, is an utterly delicious slice of In the mid-19th century, artists flocked toSkagen fishing boat Skagen (pronounced Skain), charmed by the radiant light´s impact on the ruggedly beautiful landscape. Now tourists flock here, drawn by an intoxicating combination of a busy working harbour, long sandy beaches and a buzzing holiday atmosphere. Skagen gets packed in summer but maintains every bit of its charm, especially in the intimate, older neighbourhoods, filled with distinctive yellow houses framed by white-picket fences and red-tiled roofs. Catering to the tourist influx are numerous top-notch museums, arts and craft galleries, bike-rental outlets, ice-cream parlours and harbourside restaurants serving fish fresh off the boats. Come and see why half the Danish population lights up whenever the Skagen´s name is mentioned.

Palm Beach Frederikshavn
Palmer Frederikshavn Denmark A day on Palm Beach stays fixed in your memory.

Believe it or not, there are palms on the beach in Frederikshavn, - a hint of Havai - the Caribbean's white sand beaches - beach umbrellas - ice cream parlors and relaxing lounger. There are beach lions but there are no sharks in the water.

Visit Svinkløv Badehotel DenmarkSvinkløv badehotel / Svinkløv Beach Hotel
For more than a hundred years, seaside hotels had an almost magical attraction on us. In the first row is they and entices with promises of pampering pleasure and romance. gourmand, stressful Danes and a famous rock guitarist
With North Sea in the front yard is Denmark's most fabled and coveted seaside hotel. Just the name Svinkløv mouth-run in water with gourmets and stressful Danes to sigh with longing.

cell phones are prohibited, which is 8 km to the nearest snack bar and television should look far behind. While time stands still are the good stories in a queue to be told by owner, regulars, neighbors and a famous rock guitarist who use the dunes as a rehearsal room.

Greenland is a part of Denmark and is the world s largest island with a population of only 56.000 distributed among 18 towns and some 60 settlements, none of which are connected by roads.

Here are 10 good reasons to Visit Greenland.Greenland

Easy access
Greenland is far away and exotic, yet so close. From Copenhagen Airport in Denmark, the flight across the Atlantic to Greenland takes about 4½ hours. The flight from Iceland to Kulusuk in Eastern Greenland takes about 1½ hours.

Financially within reach
Greenland today won t overstretch anyone s wallet. An Atlantic flight is always included in the price, but after that, the price depends on your choice of transport in Greenland, accommodation and things to see and do.

Scenery that makes you think
The huge land mass, the scenery, the grandeur and peace and quiet make this country unique. This has been said and written before, but it is every bit as true nonetheless. All visitors are impressed by the force, beauty and unpredictability of the scenery.

A culture that commands respect
Greenland today is a colourful mixture of the old and the new. Impressively, the Inuit people have managed to survive for centuries under the incredibly harsh conditions that the Arctic offers its people. Greenlanders have managed to thrive and survive thanks to their community team spirit.

Icebergs, Midnight sun and Northern Lights
The ice is Greenland s hallmark. The interior is formed by an enormous ice cap second only to the ice cap of the Antarctic. Recently the Ilulissat Icefjord was proclaimed a World Heritage site due to its exceptional qualities. In the summer, the midnight sun ensures there is daylight round the clock. In the dark autumn and winter evenings, the Northern Lights put on a colourful display in the sky.

Spend the night under the stars or in a four-star hotel
Restaurant on Beach DenmarkSome of Greenland s hotels offer four-star accommodation, and there are also good quality seamen s homes and hostels. Otherwise, you can spend the night onboard ship or in a cosy bed enjoying the hospitality of a local family. If you re after wildlife and sky views, spending the night in a tent, hunting lodge or on a campsite are options for you.

Unforgettable experiences
Whether you explore Greenland on foot, from the deck of a ship, by dog sled, on a snowmobile or by helicopter, when you leave, your impressions of Visit Greenland will last a lifetime. The scenery makes its mark on body and soul.

Special interests?
You can pursue your special interests while in Greenland. The most obvious choice is heli-skiing in some of the world s most pristine areas, or taking part in some of Greenland s extreme sport events. If you are interesting in fishing, trophy hunting, glaciology, geology or botany, Greenland has a lot to offer.

Greenlandis for everyone              For an unforgettable cruise to Greenland, see the page here
Young or old, fitness fanatic or professional? Are you looking for creature comforts or a back-to-basics holiday? Greenland is for everyone, and you can choose from tours of the towns, rambling, sailing, boat and helicopter trips, visits to museums, long or short dog sled rides, and much more besides. Many of these opportunities for experiences are categorised 1 to 5 by level of difficulty.

A safe destination
War and the threat of terror are unknown phenomena in Greenland, and the country is a safe, secure destination. All airports and harbours conform to international Security Regulations. Greenland is located in the Arctic and is therefore subject to extreme climatic conditions. This means that safety requirements within the transport sector are among the most stringent in the world.

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