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What to do and see: You have chosen Nakskov Region Sealand Denmark, and here are experiences for everyone.
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Restaurants in Nakskov Denmark Europe is known for the world´s top food Mecca and you will find the very best restaurants in Europe.
Noma has been voted world´s best restaurant for several years, and noma is located in Denmark.
French and Italian cuisine also ranks among the world´s best..
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Denmark is a beautiful country, great nature and a very friendly and welcoming population. Choose a region, a city or an attraction you would like to visit, or read more about.

Denmark is divided into 5 regions

This is Region Sealand

Denmark Regions: Denmark is divided into 5 regions, each one more exciting than the other, - This is
Region Sealand..
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Nakskov Denmark
Nakskov havnNakskov byNakskov CityNakskov havn
Nakskov  Denmark  Cityzens: 12866
CityKm2: 45 m2  Religion: Cristian  Region: Region Sealand
  Lolland Kommune: Stig Vestergaard (S)
Municipality Population: 43528
Larger City Nakskov
Main Airport: Copenhagen
Distance to: Nakskov 52 km
Currency: DKK
Nakskov belongs to: Denmark
Countrycode: DK  Continent: Europe

Nakskov is a town in Denmark - Europe, located in a beautiful area Nakskov city has a population of 12866 inhabitants. Visit Nakskov and discover a town of beautiful and varied scenery, Nakskov can offer many exciting experiences, good Restaurants and hotels, are you maybe looking for a Bed & Breakfast or camping space, you can choose from a range of options, Whatever where you go in Nakskov, you'll always find a friendly smile.
Local Language

Visit Nakskov Lolland

Welcome to Nakskov
Nakskov Denmark Nakskov offers quaint streets and beautifully renovated laneways running down to the harbour. Nakskov has one of Denmark’s oldest pedestrian streets with a wide selection of retail outlets and niche shops. Nakskov is situated at the head of the picturesque Nakskov Fjord.
Nakskov Fjord,
which has the most islands of any fjord in Denmark, is best experienced from the deck of the post ship Vesta or Freja.

Experience the unique nature of the fjord
Postboat Nakskov Denmark If you would like experience the unique nature of the fjord, then come onboard the Post boat Vesta when it takes its daily sail. Or take a guided “sunset cruise”, a barbeque cruise to Vejlø or “The small island cruise”.  Do take wind- and waterproof clothes, food/drinks and perhaps also field glasses with you. Maximum 30 participants. You arrive at the mail boat about 10 minutes before departure; tickets are sold on board.If you want to be sure to get a seat, you should reserve it on the phone number (00 45) 54 92 21 72.

Pederstrup manor and the scenic Reventlow Park.Pederstrup Nakskov Denmark
Pederstrup manor, which is situated in the scenic Reventlow Park, has been painstakingly restored and converted into an interior museum. The Museum depicts the age and activities of Reventlow through art, records, maps and tools.

The museum, which was founded in 1940, illustrates Reventlow´s life as a statesman, a reformer and a landowner. It is an interior museum, where the history is told by means of portraits, objects of art, documents and furniture. Many of these things have belonged to Reventlow.
Pederstrup is surrounded by a 20 hectare big park, which is open all the year. A riding house, worthy of preservation, is built in 1872. It is used for special exhibitions, meetings and more.
A café is fitted up in the former wash house.
Rent a bike: On previous application the museum rents up to 30 bikes with baskets and place for a picnic.

Visit Saint Nikolai Church
Saint Nikolai Church Nakskov Denmark Saint Nikolai Church Nakskov is dedicated to the patron saint of sailors Saint Nicholas, and is the second largest church in the diocese. Queen Margrethe visited the church in 2008.

Church building is built of hand-molded hard-fired brick - so-called brick. By restorations attempts to obtain copies - but certainly not the quality that could be produced in its medieval.
The church is dedicated to the patron saint of sailors, Sct. Nicolai. It is West Lolland largest church. Church's present appearance is from the 1653rd
The altarpiece is very beautifully done by Anders Mortensen.
The font is of white marble and the pulpit is from 1630 by George Ringnis.
Organ oldest parts are from the 1648th
The unusual coffers with 5 locking from the 1573rd
The arch is a cannonball that fell through the vault during the Swedish siege in 1659, which happened in the midst of worship, but miraculously no one came to harm.
Church Office: Svingelsvej 80 54 92 07 50. Open: Monday-Friday 9-13, and Thursday 16-18, Saturday closed.

Visit Denmark’s Sugar Museum NakskovDenmark’s Sugar Museum Nakskov Denmark
Here you can take a fascinating journey through the history of sugar with exhibits and films that will appeal to adults and children alike. One of the largest sugar factories in Europe is situated in Nakskov.

Saint Nikolai Church Nakskov DenmarkThe museum, which was founded in 1940, illustrates Reventlow´s life as a statesman, a reformer and a landowner. It is an interior museum, where the history is told by means of portraits, objects of art, documents and furniture. Many of these things have belonged to Reventlow.
The sugar production has for more than a century played an important part on Lolland-Falster. Not at least because of the good farm land in this part of the country we have proud traditions in producing sugar from the sugar beets.
Every year still tons of "the white gold" is produced in the factories in Nykøbing F. and Nakskov. The last mentioned is Damnarks largest sugar factory and the fact that Nakskov just has been hometown for a new sugar museum - the only one of its kind in this country so far - was more than given.
The museum has rented a former comb- and button factory on Løjtoftevej not far from and with a view to the sugar factory in the towm, so that the visitors can get a good insight of the different functions of the buildings. The 200 square meter of the museum contains effects that has been part of the sugar industry through nothing less than 132 years and there will be offered various lectures from time to time.

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Restaurant noma

noma Copenhagen Denmark
The best Michelin restaurant in the world

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